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  1. 2022 Annual Report Netherlands Labour Authority

    This ‘Foreword and Reflection’ is part of the 2022 Annual Report of the Netherlands Labor Authority. See also Annual Report ...

    Annual report | 19-05-2023

  2. WagwEU Report

    The aim of the WagwEU is to strike a new and better balance between, on the one hand, promoting the freedom to provide services ...

    Report | 06-02-2023

  3. Inspections in Gronau and Südlohn

    On Monday evening, October 24, a joint inspection by the Labor Inspectorate and German authorities took place in Gronau, Germany. ...

    Video | 22-11-2022

  4. Enforcement policy Market supervision Commodities Act

    Enforcement policy Market supervision Commodities Act

    Publication | 08-11-2022

  5. Annual report 2021

    Reflection Annual report 2021

    Annual report | 24-05-2022

  6. What does the Netherlands Labour Authority do

    The Netherlands Labour Authority (Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie) forms part of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (het ...

    Publication | 24-01-2022

  7. Exploratory study of labour exploitation and serious disadvantage in domestic work in the Netherlands - Summary

    Report | 16-09-2021

  8. 2020 Annual Report Inspectorate SZW Foreword

    “An employee who queues up in the morning with many of his colleagues in a tight corridor to clock in. Working with a colleague ...

    Annual report | 01-06-2021

  9. Inspection nail salon Amsterdam

    Inspectors come across an employee who is believed to be sleeping in the basement of the nail salon. She lives and works ...

    Video | 29-10-2020

  10. Questionnaire to determine the capacity of a legal entity

    Tip: save the questionnaire first and then complete it.

    Form | 18-09-2020