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  1. 2023 Annual Report

    This 'Reflection' is part of the 2023 Annual Report of the Netherlands Labor Authority. See also Jaarverslag 2023 (Dutch).

    Annual report | 27-03-2024

  2. Work-related Accidents Monitor 2022

    This year the Monitor contains in-depth chapters on accidents with trainees, pupils and students as victims and accidents ...

    Report | 05-10-2023

  3. 2022 Annual Report Netherlands Labour Authority

    This ‘Foreword and Reflection’ is part of the 2022 Annual Report of the Netherlands Labor Authority. See also Annual Report ...

    Annual report | 19-05-2023

  4. WagwEU Report

    The aim of the WagwEU is to strike a new and better balance between, on the one hand, promoting the freedom to provide services ...

    Report | 06-02-2023

  5. Inspections in Gronau and Südlohn

    On Monday evening, October 24, a joint inspection by the Labor Inspectorate and German authorities took place in Gronau, Germany. ...

    Video | 22-11-2022

  6. Enforcement policy Market supervision Commodities Act

    Enforcement policy Market supervision Commodities Act

    Publication | 08-11-2022

  7. Annual report 2021

    Reflection Annual report 2021

    Annual report | 24-05-2022

  8. What does the Netherlands Labour Authority do

    The Netherlands Labour Authority (Nederlandse Arbeidsinspectie) forms part of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (het ...

    Publication | 24-01-2022

  9. Exploratory study of labour exploitation and serious disadvantage in domestic work in the Netherlands - Summary

    Report | 16-09-2021

  10. 2020 Annual Report Inspectorate SZW Foreword

    “An employee who queues up in the morning with many of his colleagues in a tight corridor to clock in. Working with a colleague ...

    Annual report | 01-06-2021