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  1. Guidance for National Labour Inspectors on addressing risks from worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) on construction sites

    Publication | 15-10-2016

  2. New in the Netherlands

    If you come from the European Union and want to work and live in the Netherlands, the brochure New in the Netherlands in ...

    Publication | 15-06-2016

  3. 2015 Annual Report Inspectorate SZW Summary

    In this annual report, the Inspectorate SZW looks back and renders account, linking this with future efforts and making use of ...

    Annual report | 15-05-2016

  4. The penalty as set out in a schedule

    Publication | 15-04-2016

  5. You are suspected of committing a criminal offence

    Publication | 15-03-2016

  6. Decent work for a fair wage - Bulgarian

    Publication | 15-03-2016

  7. Decent work for a fair wage - Romanian

    Publication | 15-03-2016

  8. Decent work for a fair wage - Polish

    Publication | 15-03-2016

  9. What does the Inspectorate SZW do?

    The Inspectorate SZW works for fair, healthy and safe working conditions and socio-economic security for everyone. We do this ...

    Video | 13-07-2015

  10. The Dangers of Silica Dust

    Silica is found in many resources used in construction. In and of itself, that is not a problem, until you wish to drill, mill, ...

    Video | 12-07-2015