Product inspections for drill presses

The SZW Inspectorate inspected drill presses in 2015. The reason for this was the results of occupational health (arbo) inspections in the Metal industry and in Education in 2012. These arbo inspections showed there to be violations in the use of a drill press at 70% of the organisations inspected.

Unsafe (working methods using) drill presses are regularly the cause of accidents. In the 2008 – 2012 period, 23 occupational accidents of a severity requiring reporting, were known to the SZW Inspectorate, which involved a drill press. in these 23 investigated accidents, 19 persons came into contact with the revolving drill or drill head. 5 accidents occurred in 2014, in which an employee suffered (permanent) injury. In 4 of the 5 cases, this was due to unsound guards on the drill. The majority of the accidents resulted in amputation of parts of fingers and/ or hands.