Complaints, tips and reports

If you want to report a complaint about a possible violation of social laws whilst working in the Netherlands, please use our digital complaint form in English.

The complaint form is also available in:

You can contact the Netherlands Labour Authority for:

  • reporting complaints about your working conditions;
  • offering tips about illegal labour, exploitation and/or payment below the statutory minimum wage;
  • notifications, reports and applications for exemptions (such as the removal of asbestos, child labour, et cetera);
  • reporting a fraud crime (anonymously) in the field of work and income (benefits, tenures, subsidies, possible exploitation of employees).

To report a work-related accident, please call the Netherlands Labour Authority immediately.

Anonymous tips

Any anonymous information regarding serious organised crime in the area of work and income and/or possible exploitation of employees in the labour market - whereby public reporting could bring danger to the person reporting or to third parties - can be passed on to the Criminal Intelligence Unit of the Netherlands Labour Authority.

You can contact the Criminal Intelligence Unit during office hours using the following regional phone number: +31 (0)6 - 10 21 34 45

In everything that the Criminal Intelligence Unit carries out under the scope of this, you/the person reporting, will be protected completely.

Acute life threatening danger

If you are or somebody else is in acute life threatening danger, call 112 (police).